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Helicopter Mi-17

Mi-17 / Flying hospital

Flying hospital helicopter The purpose of the " Flying Hospital " helicopter is to provide a wide range of medical treatment at the remote areas by way of either a field base or via facilities on-board the helicopter, which may also be used to transport trained rescue and emergency medical staff and injured persons to and from the place of accident.

Flying hospital helicopter The medical facilities installed in the " Flying Hospital " helicopter include three compartments with separate functions. In the forward compartment four stretchers are placed for transportation of injured persons. Removal of these stretchers allows for accommodation of eight sitting passengers (rescuers, medical personnel, evacuated injured etc.).

Flying hospital helicopter The medical equipment provides continuous life support services for patients (including oxygen, air, vacuum, ventilation, patient monitoring, and defibrillation).

The middle compartment is intended for surgical operations and contains an operation table, shadow-less lamps, and equipment for administering anesthetics, resuscitation, and diagnostic procedures. The medical team is able to work in comfortable conditions. The rear compartment houses the power supply units, and systems for medical gases including oxygen and nitrous oxide, along with other auxiliary units.

Flying hospital helicopter The rear door enables loading/unloading of patients on stretchers, and equipment is installed for easy moving and lifting of injured persons. Use of special materials for walls and floor permits fast and effective disinfecting of the Flying Hospital . The level of medical-diagnostic equipment enables objective short-term assessment of the patients condition. In accordance with Customer's requirements, Helicopters are able to provide modification of the Flying Hospital helicopter with various other types of medical and rescue equipment.

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Main | Mi-17 , Mi-38 , ANSAT , AKTAI , KA-50

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