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Transport. Transportation by air. Flight with a cargo.
Helicopter Mi-17

Mi-17 / Transport

Cargo transportation inside the cabin - helicopter Cargo transportation inside the cabin.

The Mi-17 helicopter can effectively transport cargo inside the cabin.

The facilitate the loading and unloading, its spacious cargo compartment is equipped with:

  • A left sliding door, extended at 0.4 m;
  • A right sliding door of standard dimensions;
  • A hydraulic cargo ramp placed in the tail section of the fuselage.

The construction and dimensions of the Mi-17 cargo cabin provide the possibility of:
  • Transportation of cargo (weight: up to 4,000 kg; volume: up to 27m3);
  • Transportation of personnel with personal equipment (up to 36 persons);
  • Transportation of casualties (up to 12 persons);
  • Installation of additional fuel tanks inside the cabin (up to 4 tanks);
  • Transportation of long objects inside the cabin;
  • Facilitating of wheeled machinery loading;
  • The cargo cabin floor can also be fitted with mountings for cargo attaching.

Cargo transportation by the external sling. Cargo transportation by the external sling.

The external sling allows transporting cargo of up to 4.5 tons and with overall dimensions from 5 to 65 m at a distance up to 500 km and at a speed up to 150 km/h. The sling can be up to 100 m long. The external sling is jettisonable and can be equipped with time and cargo weight.

The helicopter equipped with the external sling can perform the following tasks:
  • Transportation of large cargo off roads;
  • Mounting of large-sized and high constructions;
  • Using water discharging devices for fire suppressing;
  • Water towing.
To facilitate the work of the crew, the helicopter can be additionally equipped with a large external mirror for cargo visual control or with an electronic external sling monitoring system.

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Main | Mi-17 , Mi-38 , ANSAT , AKTAI , KA-50

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